Electric Corvette Future

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Corvette EV Future
Photo: Chevrolet Media. 2024 Corvette E-Ray

When will Corvette go electric?

According to Chevrolet, "an electrified Corvette will be available as early as next year and a fully electric version to follow."

Since this statement made by Chevrolet in 2022, the E-Ray was revealed in 2023, for model year 2024. The next promise was "a fully electric version to follow." Follow could be next year, or in several years. But an electric Corvette will follow.

As of 2024, there is still no word from Chevrolet about a fully electric Corvette. There is a rumor of a Corvette EV concept coming in 2024, but meh. Who knows. What I do know is...

The Future of Cars is Electric

Thomas Edison Automobile Battery. Bailey Electric.
Edison making test of his storage batteries, with Mr. Bailey driving. Possibly Bailey of S.R. Bailey and Co., Electric automobile manufacturer.

"Electricity is the thing. There are no whirring and grinding gears with their numerous levers to confuse. There is not that almost terrifying uncertain throb and whirr of the powerful combustion engine. There is no water-circulating system to get out of order - no dangerous and evil-smelling gasoline and no noise." -Thomas Edison

Ford Announces Electric Vehicle (1914)

Electricity showed great potential in the late 1800s, but battery technology turned out way more complex than imagined. Thomas Edison was actually trying to perfect a battery specifically for automobiles.

Ford even announced in 1914 that they would produce an electric vehicle powered by Edison designed batteries. We all know how that turned out.

Electric Corvette Future

I am sold on the Corvette brand and I would love to have a stable full of every kind. America needs more Corvette.

I think the first Corvette EV should be a Grand Touring car. It would be comparable to the Porsche Taycan. GM Authority even notes that Chevy has been benchmarking the Taycan on its test track.

However, the Porsche Cayenne and Macan are so popular (makes a lot of money for Porsche) that Chevrolet may start with a crossover.

What will the first electric Corvette be? Rumors are a concept car is coming in 2024 to gauge consumer interest.

Here's the latest on the future electric Corvette.

Straight from Chevrolet:

"In addition to the amazing new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 coming this year (2023), an electrified Corvette will be available as early as next year (2024) and a fully electric version to follow (202?). Stay tuned for more."

See text in description of Corvette Electric video.

2023 Corvette: Electrified
Apr 25, 2022


Yes, Chevy Really Is Planning on an Electric 4-Door Corvette and an SUV

After the E-Ray Hybrid, sources say GM is working on a bevy of vehicles called Corvette, built on a new electric platform distinct from the Ultium skateboard, with the first EV slated for 2026.
By Todd Lassa, Feb 28, 2023

GM Authority

GM Authority has a category for electric Corvette, which I check on a regular basis. They have some interesting articles, such as:

GM Benchmarking Porsche Taycan As Corvette EV Sedan Looms

GM Authority

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