More Corvette is What America Needs

By: jwilder

Corvette Crossover imagined via

I see a machine.

An American touring machine.

An automobile with style, agility, and utility.

A grand tourer that can navigate the urban jungle in style and the roads less traveled with ease.

A machine that sparks conversation and turns strangers into friends at every stop.

A machine that gleams America and reminds us that roads are for explorers.

Where Is This Car?

Where is the American car that satisfies the desire for style, adventure, and spirited performance?

Cadillac is luxury. Chevrolet is budget friendly. Buick is ??? The Mustang Mach-E? Not feeling it. Lincoln? No. Dodge? Brute muscle is their DNA.

What is missing is a true American grand touring machine.

The Future of GT

Lamborghini Lanzador. Source: Lamborghini

There are many renderings of a future Corvette four door and crossover. Most of them are horrid.

But here's something real.

Lamborghini is making a bet on the future. The future is something between a crossover and a sedan. A radical crossover coupe.

Lamborghini envisions a fourth model, the Ultra GT.

Lamborghini revealed the Lanzador, its fully electric supercar on August 18th at Monterey Car Week, and...

The bar is set.

The Corvette GT

Where is the modern American gran turismo?

Corvette is the perfect brand. It leads with performance heritage. It's aspirational, yet attainable. It has luxury for the long haul.

We need a new model, the Corvette Gran Turismo.

Some say Chevrolet is planning to turn Corvette into a brand. Who knows.

I say, it's about time.

More Corvette is what America needs!

A Corvette GT would be as close to a stingray as possible. It would ride slightly higher than a sedan, have a full back seat, and have room for some luggage. It would have the performance and handling of a stingray.

The Corvette Gran Turismo would be the ultimate American Grand Touring car.

Until then...

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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