Clifton Classic Chassis Car Museum

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clifton classic chassis car museum

Clifton Classic Chassis is a 20,000 sq. ft. classic automobile museum located in Clifton, Texas. Clifton, Texas is about 35 miles north west of Waco, and is a perfect attraction for a daytrip from Waco.

Clifton Classic Chassis classic automobile museum opened in September 2011. It's goal is to take visitors back to the nostalgic days of the past. And for many, introduce them to a past they never lived. Dr. Terry Watson of Clifton owns the museum which houses 25 restored and original classic automobiles. Some of the cars on display include a 1960 Corvette Convertible, a 1940 Buick Eight Sedan, a 1963 Corvette roadster convertible, a 1955 Thunderbird convertible, plus several classic Cadillacs, Pontiacs, and Lincolns from the '50's and '60's. They also have a rare, restored 1957 Cushman Motor Scooter on display!

The museum is open to the public each Saturday afternoon. However, if you are visiting from out of town, I would call in advance to ensure that the museum will be open.

The museum is also available by appointment for luncheons, group showings, and special functions. To schedule, call Terry at (214) 906-0245.


Clifton, Texas is about 35 miles north west of Waco.

Clifton Classic Chassis
406 W 5th (downtown across from Post-office)
Clifton, TX, 76634

Plan Your Trip to Clifton

While you're in Clifton, you might want to include a few other activities, such as shopping at the local shops, and dinner at Sinclair, an old gas station, now serving chef inspired cuisine. If you happen to be there on the right Saturday, you could visit the Edwin Olsen Railroad Museum.

If you want to stay in Clifton a while, you could book a room in the local jail, which is now a boutique hotel, called The Cell Block.

North Texas Car Museum Trail

This is the last museum on the North Texas Car Museum Trail. However you're just a few miles away from Waco, so you might want to check out our Waco Attractions for auto enthusiasts article.


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