The Future of the Corvette C7

By: jwilder

corvette c7 future
The Corvette C7 returns?

Long live the Corvette C7!

The Corvette C8 is here, and it's mid-engine amazing. The Corvette E-Ray is here, and it's insane!

But these mid-engine marvels should be an addition to the stable, rather than a replacement for the worthy Corvette C7.

Why not keep making the C7 Corvette?

Does the C7 Corvette have any competition as an attainable two seater sports car? Dodge, Ford?

Porsche leverages one crossover design into three separate products: Cayenne, Cayenne Coupe, and Macan. Why not Corvette?

The Porsche Taycan has no competition. Looks do kill. Sorry, Tesla model S is meh.

Rise Up!

It could be possible (and profitable) that a new Corvette model will fill the gap the C7 leaves behind.

Enthusiasts should be the first one's to call on GM to rise up and conquer. Come back to your enthusiast roots and conquer design and the market. Make massive profits and make dreams come true for the faithful.

There are Rumors

There are rumors of new Corvette models, even a four-door, and crossover.

A new C7 could be designed along the lines of a Porsche Taycan. So, I'm thinking a new 2025/2026 Corvette four-door will be the spiritual successor to the C7.

There are also rumors of a Corvette Crossover.

One source says "It's official."

[To be continued]...

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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