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Lonestar Round Up. Texas car culture and media. Photo by James Wilder

The written word has taken a beating. The platform of social media is not well suited for more than a few sentences. Attention is won and lost in seconds.

Blogging by the masses is dead. It moved to social platforms. However, for writers and businesses, blogging is power, if done well.

Texas has always been about independence, and I've always wanted to publish a list of Texas bloggers - go to resources where the word was deep and rich. But, alas, there were few. So I waited, and waited.

I started blogging about Texas car culture in 2008. I always believed that Texas would hit a tipping point and become the greatest car culture state in the nation. I believe we are there, but only at the beginning.

Updated: 5-30-2023

Texas Independent Automotive Media

I want to call out as many independent media sources that promote a positive example of Texas automotive media.

TX Garage

TXGARAGE, founded in 2007, is an online magazine dedicated to the Texas automotive consumer. "Our tagline – News. Events. Reviews. Passion. from Texans by Texans – isn't just a cute saying, it's what we're really striving for. We are made up of many great authors. Some with lots of experience and some just getting started but all bringing a unique perspective and a Texas focus."

TX Garage

Jesus Behind the Wheel

Jesus Garcia. Automotive journalist. The purest form. One man, one blog. Committed.

Jesus Behind the Wheel

In Wheel Time

"We wanted to produce something new, a program that features upgraded industry content from the different automotive sectors and we want to cover topics nobody else talks about. This type of fresh perspective would broaden the listening audience, and provide our advertisers with greater opportunities to reach a more diverse, upscale audience for their products and services. And that’s how 'In Wheel Time' was born."

The Most Entertaining LIVE Automotive Talk Show!
Saturday Live | 8:00am – 11CT
Streaming LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch,

GT Garage Talk

"Garage Talk was started as a conversation between friends about a shared passion, but it does not end there. It never fails, every time Matt & Cory get together the conversation will always turn to cars; whether it be the latest news or trends, what is causing woe in the automotive world, or perhaps just to share a bit of joy.? This passion for cars turned into Garage Talk: a discussion about all things automotive."

GT Garage Talk

The Gentleman Racer

Welcome to the world of luxury living for the modern man.

Michael Satterfield moved from California to Texas in 2019. He's a man of action and has been shaking up the car culture in Texas and beyond. The Gentleman Racer is strategically located in Groesbeck, the point between Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

The Gentleman Racer

VW Life

VW Life is a YouTube channel for all things VW. "We love Volkswagens and want to share our adventures with you!"

Jalopy Journal

As subculture as subculture can be. The most passionate traditional hot rod subculture in existence.

"The Jalopy Journal was formed just a few years later to spread the gospel of traditional Hot Rods and Kustoms to hoodlums worldwide… We wanted to be the voice of the working man, a tool in the toolbox of the guy that does it himself, and a place where citizen journalists could show the 'big-time' media a thing or two."

Jalopy Journal

Hill Country Car Culture

A top notch published Texas car culture magazine based out of Kerrville, Texas.

Wolf Motorsport Magazine

Derek Shiekhi

Award-winning auto journalist. Content creator at @therewillbecars. Member of TAWA and TxMPA.

Murpho's Publishing

Murpho's Rods and Customs is located in Buda Texas.

Speed City Broadcasting

Speed City is about cars, motorcycles, racing, and anything that goes fast!

Speed City is a weekly motorsport show from Austin, Texas. It can be heard live every Sunday night on 1370AM Austin radio at 7 PM CT and streaming

Texas Motor Press

"TXMPA is an organization focused on bringing together automotive industry professionals to create informed content highlighting various facets of the industry in ways that register with a Texas-based audience and beyond. We welcome automotive industry journalists that cover cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and UTVs in a variety of media as well as professionals that represent corporate interests in the automotive community."

Texas Auto Writers Association

"Founded in 1987, the Texas Auto Writers Association has grown to become one of the most recognized and reputable automotive press organizations in the industry. TAWA’s mission is to promote quality and accuracy in automotive journalism and to disseminate information about the automotive industry through news-related print, online and broadcast media."


My name is James Wilder and I am the owner and creator of MOTOR Texas.

MOTOR Texas went live on November 1, 2011, but it really all started with an idea in 2005. MOTOR Texas came about through years of hard work building and running MOTOR Austin, an auto enthuiast web site for the good folks in Austin, Texas.

The idea of centralizing information about Austin car culture started in 2005. It began as a sub-site on another website I was running. In 2008, MOTOR Austin got its own domain: The events listing became a popular and trusted source for Austin and Central Texas area car shows. With the popularity of MOTOR Austin continuing to grow, I decided to take it state wide and create a new website for Texas Car Shows. MOTOR Texas went live on November 1, 2011.

For over 15 years it has my personal mission to promote and advance a positive view of automotive culture within Texas and to make known to those beyond our border the many awesome transportation related events and attractions Texas has to offer!

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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