Old Waco Gas Station at Herring Ave and 5th

By: jwilder

waco old gas station herring 5th

According to a couple of posts on the Internet, by John O., this old gas station was owned by a man named L.B. Andersen in 1954. It was a Texaco station at the time. L.B. was 66 in 1954.

If you knew L.B. Andersen and would like to contribute any additional information on the man and/or the station, please contact us!

It appears that this gas station was located on a major route at the time. Also, a 1920s map labels Herring Avenue as Henning Avenue.

Note the building on the left looks very interesting! Maybe an old Spanish style motel?


Old Texaco Gas Station
N.5th and Herring Ave., Waco Texas map

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