16 Texas Size Reasons to List Your Car Show on MOTOR Texas

By: jwilder

PLUS benefits you probably don't know about!

Do You Promote Car Shows?

If you want to promote or grow your car show event, then it would be foolish to ignore thousands of Texas Car Enthusiasts, right?

My name is James Wilder, and I am the owner, founder, and creator of MOTOR Texas.

I would like to share with you 16 Texas Size reasons why MOTOR Texas needs to be #1 on your list.

1. Reaching Everyone On Social is a Myth

The first thing I want to address is the view that social media is the only solution for finding and promoting events.

I understand this myth. We are saturated with social media (oversaturated) and people tend to think social media is a reach-everyone machine. It's not.

Social media is bloated with every form of distraction known to man, both good and bad (and cats!).

Everyone might be on social media, but that's the problem.

You can't reach them all, because everyone is SHOUTING AT THEM TOO. It's hard to even reach your followers!

Your voice is like trying to communicate to a group of people at a loud football game. Some closest to you hear, but they wander off, and forget. The majority DON'T HEAR YOU.

Social media LIMITS your reach.

Social media actually LIMITS your reach because, it's a money making machine. Facebook even encourages you to "boost your post" to reach thousands more!

People will pay Facebook to promote their event, but ignore a powerful, and free, option. Don't ask me why. I can't explain it.

Bottom line: Event promotion on social media leaves a big gap, especially when it counts the most... the crucial days leading up to or your event.

The solution is...

Close the gap. I'll show you how (but first, the why).

2. We Help You Grow Your Event

We can keep a secret... So if you want your event to be a secret and only invite your close friends, we understand that.

If you want to GROW your event, then you need to invite a lot of Texas car enthusiasts. We make that EASY.

That's why our trademark phrase is:

"Invite Texas to Your Car Show!"

MOTOR Texas is a means of reaching new car enthusiasts.

  • People move to Texas every day.
  • People move to your city every day.
  • People become enthusiasts every day.

People that move to a new location look for resource to find out what is going on. MOTOR Texas is the resource that tells them what they need to know.

Don't ignore them!

List your car show on MOTOR Texas!

You want to GROW your event and we want to grow Texas car culture.

That is WIN WIN aliance.

3. MOTOR Texas Ranks First Page Google Rankings

MOTOR Texas ranks First Page in Google search results, and usually within the top three results.

MOTOR Texas ranks 1st Page for all major Texas car show search phrases.

MOTOR Texas ranks first page on google for:

  • Texas Car Shows
  • Houston Car Shows
  • Dallas, Fort Worth and DFW Car Shows.
  • San Antonio Car Shows

We didn't pay anyone to get this ranking.

We WORKED hard and EARNED it.

You can benefit from our hard work, and we can grow Texas Car Culture! Win, Win!


Yes, Free! We list your event for FREE.

Even for businesses (like car dealerships) and large events (like Houston auto show).

But, free does not mean low value.

Keep reading to the end to understand how much VALUE you get by listing your event on MOTOR Texas.

5. Easy To Submit and Update

It is easy to submit your event and update it each year.

No account, no annoying forms to fill out.

Put your event info in an email and send it.


"Invite Texas to your Car Show"

6. You Get a Permanant Event Page

You get more than an event.

You get an event page.

The advantage of a permanant event page is, when you or others share the event page link, the link will be up-to-date for any additional years, as long as you submit new information.

Some organizations are always moving their car show information. This makes it difficult to find your event via search engines. If your event is on MOTOR Texas, your event is findable.

7. Ability to Target Metro Areas

Texas is BIG!

Really, really, really, BIG!

So MOTOR Texas allows visitors to see events for select metro areas.

You can see events for specific metro areas, such as Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Waco (our HQ).

This means, your event gets local exposure, as well as statewide exposure.

Another WIN WIN.

8. MOTOR Texas is Fast and Mobile

As the owner of MOTOR Texas, my background is Information Systems. I have have 24+ years experience in programming and information technology.

I own the website.
I designed and built the website.
I optimized every page.

MOTOR Texas is optimized for mobile devices.

Most people submit event fliers that are many megabytes in size. These load s-l-o-w.

I run each image through an optimizer to make it's super fast loading.

The bottom line is: Your event looks good on a desktop, tablet or smart phone.

9. Established in 2011 and 2008

We have been listing Texas car shows on MOTOR Texas since November 1, 2011.

Almost 10 years of listing Texas car shows!

But we actually started with central Texas in 2008 with our first site MOTOR Austin.

So thats 12 years of listing Texas Car Shows!

We are in this for the long haul.

10. Texas Proud

Texas is in our name.

We bleed Texas. The others could care less about Texas.

MOTOR Texas is Made in Texas.

Our HQ is in Waco, Texas, the Heart of Texas (Yes, the symbolism is awesome!).

Our heart belongs to Texas!

By submitting your events, and utilizing MOTOR Texas, you support Texas.

We are not controlled by any company, government, advertiser, or social media platform.

We are Texas Proud, Independant, and Made in Texas.

11. The MOTOR Texas Audience

If you want to attract people in Vermont, New Jersey or Delaware, then it makes sense to list your event on the national websites.

If you want to attract Texas car enthusiasts, then list your event on MOTOR Texas.

Our focus is: 100% car shows and transportation related events (trains, planes and automobiles).

Our audience is: 100% Texas auto enthusiast (and fans of Texas).

This is "the holy grail" every true marketer searches for: reaching your target audience and at no cost.

And, you found it!

Our audience is looking for your car show!

12. Qualify for VIP Status

We curate the best car shows in Texas, so we are proactive in making sure the best shows are on the list and updated.

If your event is annual, hosted on a website, well documented, and up-to-date each year, we flag it as a "VIP."

For VIP events we will attempt to keep your event updated each year. WHAT? Thats right.

We also strive to create a relationship with event promoters that understand the value we provide.

13. Access to Our Texas Car Shows Group on Facebook

If you actively promote your event on Facebook, we also have an option for you.

We facilitate sharing car show fliers through our Texas Car Shows group on Facebook (2000+ members).

Social media can get very off topic, cluttered, and somtimes uncivil. To keep social media social and civil, we continually remind members of our values and mission.

"Our goal is to share car shows that represent and promote a positive image of Texas car culture."

I invite you to join and post your event flier on our Texas Car Shows group on Facebook.

However, I highly recommend listing your event on MOTOR Texas in order to get the maximum value.

14. Our Vision for Texas and Car Culture

Leadership is about vision. A vision is about new territory. It's about expanding.

MOTOR Texas started with a vision.

"For over ten years it has my personal mission to promote and advance a positive view of automotive culture within Texas and to make known to those beyond our border the many awesome transportation related events and attractions Texas has to offer!"

When we started, there was no Circuit of the Americas, no Texas website to promote Texas car shows.

Now, in 2020 Texas Car Culture has grown, and continues to grow!

I can say proudly we were a part of that growth.

There is much work to do. And there are new exciting things are on the horizon!

15. Relationship

MOTOR Texas is not an automated event machine.

I, James Wilder, personally enter and maintain every event in our system.

Some events have been listed and updated for over ten years!

When you submit your event, you are dealing with me, personally.

I appreciate all of you that have submitted events over the years, and continue to do so!

Let's keep the relationship going.

We have a shared goal.

Grow your event. Grow Texas car culture.

16. Simple and Effective Strategy

There is one MOTOR Texas.

There are hundreds of Texas car shows scattered over the Internet.

There are thousands of Texas car shows scattered over social media.

The gurus say "Be Everywhere."

We say, "Be Smart."

MOTOR Texas is the source for Texas car shows.

We reach the exact audience you are looking to reach.

There is One MOTOR Texas.

Grow your event. Grow Texas car culture.

The Gap is Real

We have identified "the gap" in a pure social media marketing strategy.

1. You have to pay to reach a large audience.

2. You have to figure out how to target the right audience.

3. You don't know if your promotion efforts are effective.

4. People aren't actively looking for your event because they don't know about it.

5. You won't reach people that use search engiines to find car shows.

6. You won't reach the car enthusiasts that know about MOTOR Texas and visit regularly.

MOTOR Texas can help you close the gap.

MOTOR Texas Helps You "Close the Gap"

By listing your event on MOTOR Texas can help you close the gap.

1. You get 100% access to your target market free of charge.

2. You get the exact audience you need (Texas car enthusiasts looking for car shows).

3. Your promotion effort is 100% effective.

4. Your event listing will be available at the time people are activly searching for events to attend.

5. You will reach people that use search engines (rather than social) to find car shows to attend.

6. You will reach thousands that already know and use MOTOR Texas on a regular basis.

And of course, you get all the additional reasons mentioned in this article.

I hope you are convinced that we can help increase awareness and grow your event.


I bet you learned something new about submitting your car show to MOTOR Texas!

I hope you see that by submitting your event to MOTOR Texas, you support the greater mission of growing Texas car culture.

I hope you see that working with MOTOR Texas (me), you support Texas passion and creativity.

I hope you see the enormous value you get, for free.

God bless you. And may God bless Texas.

Thank you, for your support.

Invite Texas to Your Car Show

If you have an event in the works or are planning a transportation related event in the future, just use the link below to get the details.

Invite Texas To Your Car Show

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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