Greetings from Austin Mural

By: jwilder


The Greetings from Austin mural one of Austin's most beloved examples of outdoor artwork.

The mural was painted on the side of Roadhouse Relics in 1998 by Todd Sanders and his friend Rory Skagen.

The goal was to brighten up the neighborhood with the beautiful mural but it quickly became an iconic backdrop for many a photo opportunity for both visitors and locals.

Over the years the colors began to fade. Todd Sanders and Rory Skagen worked with community leader Troy Madres to raise funds in order to restore the mural. The restoration project took one month and the completed version was unveiled November 23, 2013.


Not only is the mural a great backdrop for taking photos with your family and friends but also your favorite vehicle.

To show you how creative you can get and inspire you to compose your own photo, I included this stunning photo from photographer John Jackson.

Keep in mind that the mural is next to a public street and there could be cars parked in front of it. If you are lucky enough to park your car in front of it and get a shot please be careful. Don't get run over.


The Greetings from Austin mural location address.

Roadhouse Relics
1720 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704


Hot rod photo by
John Jackson, NotStock Photography

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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