Ford Model T Assembly Building

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Adam Hats Ford Model T Assembly Plant

In 1914 Ford opened a Model T assembly plant in Dallas Texas. It was a four story red brick building designed by John Graham, Ford's corporate architect at that time.

This building exists today as the Adam Hats Lofts.

The Adam Hats Lofts is the ultimate Ford gearhead abode for those in the Dallas area. It is also a building to add to your road trip adventure list! Our guess is that most people that live there don't even know it was a ford factory that cranked out Model Ts for Texas and beyond!

We recommend that you go inside and check out the ornate concrete columns and spiral art work that was a parts delivery chute!

Adam Hats Lofts
2700 Canton St
Dallas, TX 75226
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Brief History of the Ford Model T Assembly Plant

Adam Hats Ford Model T Assembly Plant

In 1909 Ford opened a two-man sales agency on Commerce Street in Dallas.

The model T was introduced in 1908 and Texas was a fast growing market for the automobile.

In 1914, Ford designed and constructed a Model T assembly plant due to the great demand. The building was designed by the famous Seattle architect, John Graham.

By 1925 the building outgrew it's purpose and Ford built another plant a few miles away at 5200 East Grand Avenue.

Ford continued to use the existing building as a warehouse and a show room for Ford vehicles.

In 1955 the building was purchased by Adam hats.

In 1986 the building was vacated.

In 1997 the building was purchased and converted to industrial designed lofts.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth article on the Ford Model T assembly plant in Dallas on the MOTOR Texas Automobile History blog.


Designated Landmark Structures

Ford Services Building
Source: Dallas magazine, September 1924.
Advertisement announcing sale of the building.

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