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Best Everyday Carry Compact Camera
Everyday Carry cameras for car photography. The Ricoh GR3 has the greatest potential.

Today, the everyday carry (EDC) camera is typically a smartphone. Here's an idea: Get a cheap smartphone and buy a real camera. Mind blown!

Let's look at some options.

Why Choose an Everyday Carry Camera?

The number one goal of a camera is to take photographs. It is camera-first design. Not so for smartphones.

Here are some good reasons to use a compact camera rather than a smartphone?

  • Camera-first design - its single purpose in life is to facilitate the process of making a photo.
  • A larger image sensor (so far) - more light, better photo.
  • A display that pivots for low or high shots.
  • Electronic viewfinder - because sometimes you just can't see the dang screen in sunlight.
  • Manual controls - because the camera doesn't always know what I want.
  • Everyday carry potential - A compact camera is grab and go. More opportunities, more shots.

My EDC Camera Criteria

My focus is car photography and shooting stills, not video. With that in mind, here are a few specific requirements for my everyday carry camera.

  • Pocketable is a wish (The Ricoh GR3 is the only camera that fulfills this wish).
  • It has to have an articulating monitor to make low shots much easier.
  • Fixed lens - No need for multiple lenses for daily carry.
  • Zoom capability - I want different focal lengths for more diverse shots.
  • Electronic viewfinder.

So, what are the choices for compact digital cameras with these features?

OMG! You would think this is an easy question. It's not. We the people face a big confusing wall when it comes to understanding what is available today. Apparently, camera companies gave up on retail stores and even their own websites (they're horrible).

Keep reading for my top picks.

My Top 2 List

In order from smallest to largest.

  • Sony RX100V
  • Fujifilm X100VI

Also Interesting

  • Ricoh GR III (Best form factor)
  • Sony a7c2 (most powerful)

The Cameras

Continue reading for details on these cameras, and a few more.

Sony RX100Va

Best compact cameras Sony RX100V

The Sony RX100V is the smallest and lightest camera in this list.

The Sony RX100 line has a lot of fans. It has been around for many years and it is up to version VII. This camera is a favorite for travel photography.

Sony RX100Va
Model: DSC-RX100M5A
Released: 2018*
Image Stabilization: Yes (stills)
1.0-type sensor
Lens: Fixed, zoom 24-70mm (35mm equiv)
Pop up viewfinder!
Weight: 299g with Battery and Memory.
List Price $999

Sony RX100 Series has several (too many) versions. The ones that are still being sold are RX100III, RX100VA, RX100VI and RX100VII. I don't include these because the RX100VI and RX100VII have a 200mm zoom.

*The original RX100V was released in 2016.

Fujifilm X100VI

Best compact cameras Fujifilm X100VII

The X100VI is the sixth-generation model of the X100 Series.

*No zoom but has a WIDE / TELE / OFF option.

* Has built-in ND filter!

Fujifilm X100VI

Image Stabilization: YES
Sensor: APS-C (40.2MP)
Lens: 23mm (35mm) f2.0 max Fixed.
Lcd Monitor 3.0 inch, Articulating
Weight: 521g with battery and SD memory card.
List price: $1599
Released: February 2024

Also Interesting

There are several interesting cameras that don't meet my criteria.

Ricoh GR III

Best compact cameras Car Photography Camera Ricoh GR III

This camera has the perfect form factor for a daily carry. And, it has an APS-C image sensor!

*No articulating display.
*No electronic viewfinder but there is a non-electronic viewfinder attachment available.

Ricoh GR III
Image Stabilization: Yes
Sensor: APS-C
Lens: 18.3mm (28mm equiv)
Aperture: F2.8~F16
Weight: 257g (0.57 lb / 9.07 oz)
Released: March 2019
List price: $899

Ricoh GR III

Note: There is another version of the Ricoh GR III. The Ricoh GRIIIx was released Sept 2021. The key difference between the GRIII and the GRIIIx is the focal length. The GR IIIx focal length is 26.1mm (40mm equiv). This focal length is close to the 35mm focal length of the Fujifilm X100VI.

Ricoh GR IIIx

Sony a7c Mark 2

Best Camera for Car Photography

The Sony a7c Mark 2 is a full frame sensor camera in a Sony APS-C sized camera body (a6000 series). According to Sony, it's the world's smallest and lightest full-frame camera. But in no way is it pocketable or light when you attach a full frame lens.

Sony a7c Mark 2
Image Stabilization: Yes
Articulating display (side)
Lens: Interchangeable
Sensor: Full Frame
Weight: 514g / 1 lb 2.0 oz (body without battery)
Released: 2023
List Price: $2199

Sony a7c Mark 2

Sony Canon Ricoh Notes

Sony - I have excluded Sony ZV1, Sony ZV-E10 as they are positioned as video creation cameras for vloggers and social media content creators.

Canon - It appears Canon has quit selling the G5 X Mark II compact as it is no longer listed for sale on their website. Loud and clear to me, they are out of the compact market.

Ricoh - The Ricoh GR II was launched in 2015, and the GR III in 2019. Ricoh might release an updated GR camera in 2024. They don't chase trends, so they don't need to release anything, but it has been a while.


With every camera there's a compromise.

The perfect camera is the one I would design myself. And that's not happening.

Useful Camera Links for Research

Useful camera/product links for your own research.

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