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By: jwilder

If you appreciate your car for its beauty, as well as engineering, doesn't it make sense to enjoy it even when you're not driving?

Cars Are Works of Art

Coolest Car Garage Ferris Bueller Movie

This gorgeous pavilion was made iconic in car culture by the movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). It was built in 1974 as an addition to the main house, built in 1953.

Some cars are undeniably works of art. They are sculptures that stir our emotions. That's the point of art.

As lovers of art, we want to enjoy our cars, even when we don't drive them.

As works of art, they need more than just protection from the elements.

They need to be displayed.

Art Should Be Seen

Cool Dream Garage in house

This industrial style home features a cool interior space to display your ride. Photo credit unknown.

Pulling into your garage should be like putting a treasured work of art back in its display.

It should feel as cool as returning to the batcave after a day of fighting crime.

As a sculpted work of art, it should have its place, visibly integrated into the life of the home.

As true art, it serves to inspire conversation, with guests, and your closest friends.

But for many of us, the reality of owning a home such as this, is typically reserved for the rich and famous.

Or is it?

Detached Garage/Display (Brilliant!)

Cool Custom Car Garage

Ecospace Studios cool car garage design.

I was inspired when I came across some interesting images from a European company called Ecospace Studios. They build modular buildings that serve as homes, workspaces, and garages.

The garage, shown above, is designed with floor to ceiling glass, retractable shades, ambient lighting and modular storage. It was designed to tastefully display your art, as well as serve as a shelter, and a workspace.

Of course, purchasing a modular garage from Europe might not be an option, but seeing their work certainly inspires the imagination.

How many houses have you seen where the owners added an external garage that was simply a basic boring box with a few windows and a garage door? But how much cooler would it be to pull off a design like Ecospace Studios?

It's worth thinking about.

Custom Carport

Dream Garage Carport Dallas Texas

Carport designed by Ram Properties, Dallas, Texas.

A low cost option is a simple carport. If your car doesn't require a complete enclosure for weather protection, or insurance purposes, this design would work brilliantly.

The intent of this design was efficient space utilization. It serves as a carport, and can be easily utilized as a living space, when needed.

It completely meets the goal of integrating your car into your living spaces, outdoor, and indoor (assuming your indoor living area has windows!). With creative accent lighting, it would be a superb way to display your cars.

Dream Garage Carport Usonian Home
Reisley House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Put Your Dreams Into Action

If you appreciate your car for its engineering and beauty, doesn't it make sense to enjoy it even when you're not driving?

Ultimately, we want to enjoy our cars, even when we don't need them. This means integrating our cars into our living spaces.

If you can build a custom house, or garage, like the ones in this article, then do it!

If for some reason, you can't make this happen (currently), then start planning your next house!

Mid Century Modern Home

Take Back Your Garage!

Maybe your goal is to simply take back your garage! And honestly, that's exactly where I'm at.

Here are a few ideas to help you reclaim your garage:

  • Get rid of the clutter! You know this. Take action! Just keeping your garage clean can bring that pride back.
  • Is your garage for cars, or storage? Enforce some order and get a storage building for your stuff.
  • What about your garage door? Is it boring? Falling apart? Replace it with an amazingly cool garage door that makes you say "yeah, that's right" every time you pull in your driveway. There are a bunch of cool garage door designs available!
  • Come up with an interesting paint scheme for your garage. Or hire an artist to paint a mural in your garage.
  • Install some cool lighting. I went with six recessed LED lights instead of ugly fluorescent tubes. And every time I see them, I'm glad I did it.

Good luck and have fun!

Do you have a cool garage? Do share! Send me an email and tell me what you're up to.

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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