Combine City

Combine City was created in 2002 by Orville Ladehoff, a local farmer.

"Combine City began with one Combine Harvester planted in the ground. Over time, that solitary Combine has welcomed 13 more. In total, 14 Combines are planted, standing as a tribute to the great nature of the West Texas farmer."

"They worked hard. They gave their best. They are not buried. They are planted."

I can't say this for a fact, so decide for yourself, but these combines, with their cabs in the air look very similar to the tractor tipping shenanigans of Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen in the Pixar Cars movie.


Combine City is in Southeast Amarillo, just outside of Loop 335, on Hwy 1151 (Claude Highway) just west Whitaker Road.



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