66 Super Service Gas Station in Alanreed

This well preserved Historic Route 66 gas station is in Alanreed, Texas.

According to the historical plaque on the building, it was constructed in 1930 and owned by Bradley Kiser.

Unfortunately, there is very little additional information about Bradley Kiser or his super service station.

The building is currently owned and maintained by the Texas Route 66 Association. That should ensure its safety and preservation for years to come. The café just down the road wasn't so lucky.

Architectural Notes

The architecture of this gas station seems to be very unique. It has a red Spanish tile roof but the building is constructed of a sand colored brick, probably a common local brick.

Another unusual aspect are the single columns supporting the two service area canopies.


You can find this historic Route 66 gas station in Alanreed, Texas at the corner of Hwy 271 and Main St.


If you know the history behind this business please let us know. We'd love to add more details to this article.


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