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The First Automobile in Texas

The first gasoline powered automobile in Texas was purchased in 1899 by Colonel E. H. Green of Terrell, Texas.
3/17/2015 11:00:00 AM

Shamrock Texas Gets Tesla Charging Station

Shamrock Texas Gets Tesla Charging Station.
2/24/2015 3:05:41 PM

George Boutwell Texas Artist

George Boutwell is a Texas artist that creates paintings of old diners, drive-ins, hotels and most anything else Texas nostalgic.
12/31/2014 2:42:38 PM

Batman and Robinson

Earliest known officially licensed 1963 batmobile auctioned in Dallas, plus the Texas Batman connection.
11/20/2014 5:14:06 PM

The Bankhead Highway in Texas

The historic transcontinental Bankhead Highway, just the Texas stuff!
9/17/2014 10:11:50 PM

Texas Automobile Museums

Visit a Texas automobile Museum!
3/21/2013 8:55:33 PM

Texas Train Rides

From steam trains to miniature trains, where to find a train ride in Texas.
1/1/2013 8:00:00 AM

Ford Building Beyond Restoration

The Ford building built in 1936 in Fair Park for the state fair was demolished three years later. Could it return?
12/1/2012 9:13:52 PM

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch was created in 1974.
6/15/2012 9:36:02 PM

Slug Bug Ranch

Apparently there was a fifth Beetle.
2/28/2012 8:34:38 PM