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Edwin Olsen Railroad Museum

The Edwin Olsen Railroad Museum is owned by the City of Clifton. Special tours are available on request through the City of Clifton city office.

Clifton Classic Chassis Museum

Clifton Classic Chassis is a 20,000 sq. ft. classic automobile museum. Opened in September 2011.

The Amazing (but Sad) History of the Snyder Texas Train Depot

This COOL train depot in Snyder, Texas was designed by Louis Curtiss, the Frank Lloyd Wright of Kansas City! Unfortunately, its fate is sealed.

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Build Your Dream Garage

If you appreciate your car for its beauty, as well as engineering, doesn't it make sense to enjoy it even when you're not driving?

The Vintage Car Museum in Weatherford Texas is a Must Visit

The Vintage Car Museum & Event Center is located in Weatherford, Texas.

Texas Towns With Automotive Names

From Austin-to-Zephyr, we reveal 20 plus Texas town names any AUTO ENTHUSIAST would love!

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