The Bent Door in Adrian

By: jwilder

Bent Door cafe Adrian Texas

The Bent Door Cafe in Adrian, Texas is a popular landmark for Route 66 travelers. There's nothing cooking in the kitchen since it has been closed for several decades, but it's still a favorite attraction among professional and amateur photographers because of its unique architecture.

The Bent Door Cafe was built by Robert Harris around 1947. As typical of Route 66 business owners, Harris wanted to grab the attention of Route 66 travelers. He purchased an airport control tower from a nearby US Army Air Force base that was selling surplus military items. He integrated the control tower, with its slanted windows, into the corner of the restaurant. To make it even more interesting, he located the front door adjacent to the control tower and added a bend in the door to match the slant of the control tower windows. And thus you have the Bent Door Cafe.

A few years past and Harris ended up leaving the restaurant in 1950.

At some point in the 50s or early 60s the restaurant changed hands and became Tommy's Café.

Tommy's Cafe turned out to be very popular and was open 24 hours. However I40 bypassed Adrian and the restaurant suffered from the decrease in traffic. It was eventually closed around 1972. It has been closed ever sense.

After being closed for many years the cafe was destined for demolition. However Robert Harris came back on the scene in 1995 and purchase the property, effectively saving it from destruction. Unfortunately Mr. Harris died before he could bring the cafe back to life.

In July 21, 2006, Roy and Ramona Kiewert purchase the property and began a long journey of restoration, which continues on today.

Bent Door Midway Station

Geo: 35.271000, -102.668200

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas, as well as companion sites CarPhotography.Life and CarMovies.Info.


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